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New!!! Suorin Air 400mAh Starter Kit

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New!!! Suorin Air 400mAh Starter Kit

Příspěvekod 3FVAPE » pát 11. kvě 2018 11:47:40

Hello everyone.

Good day! :)

Today we'll introduce a new item to you guys! And it's from Suorin.

Let's check it!

Original Suorin Air 400mAh Battery All-in-one Starter Kit $19.99

The original Suorin Air 400mAh Starter Kit is a game changing all-in-one device that is redefining the term ""stealth vaping"". Smaller than a credit card, and slimmer than a standard ballpoint pen; the Suorin Air features a 400mAh rechargeable battery and 2ml refillable pod which provides incredible battery life and liquid capacity for a device of such diminutive dimensions. Incorporated into the design is a master on / off switch and subdued battery life indicator light which is activated when the device is firing and charging. An extremely efficient design, there are no buttons, screens, or complicated settings; the device is instantly activated through inhalation. The Suorin Air is manufactured with excellent build quality and exacting tolerances which provide a rarely matched level of reliability and durability. Whether you are seeking to streamline your setup, add a reliable backup, or start with a stylish and dependable device; the Suorin Air is the device you've been waiting for. This item also has other colors to choose.


Click here and learn more at 3FVape>>>

Register an account on our website and you can enjoy the lowest price of the product.
Other questions regarding this product, just contact us.
3FVAPE - Ultimate Mechanical/Box Mod & Atomizer Store
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Re: New!!! Suorin Air 400mAh Starter Kit

Příspěvekod 3FVAPE » čtv 17. kvě 2018 9:27:12

Hello everyone.

Good day! :)

The original Suorin Air 400mAh Starter Kit - Golden is in stock now.

Let's check the Real Scene Photo:

Main Features of this item:
Size: 86 (H) x 43 (L) x 8 (W) mm;
Capacity: 2ml;
Battery: 400mAh;
Power: 16W;
1st vaping gear produced by Foxconn with same quality control as iPhone;
Portable size;
400mAh battery and 2ml cartridge;
Power indicator light;
On-off switch;
Micro USB charging port;
How does it work: Insert cartridge into battery. And turn on th switch on the side. It becomes your mouthpiece as well as the flavor engine that powers Suorin Air. No buttons. Just draw to get it going.
Power indicator light: It will work when user vaping with it. Blue light stands for high power level; while Red light for low power level.
How to charge it: Just plug the micro USB port to charge it. It would be fully charged in 30 mins.

We can ship this item in 24 hours after payment confirmed on business day.

Click here and buy it now at 3FVape>>>
3FVAPE - Ultimate Mechanical/Box Mod & Atomizer Store
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Nezbedný kamna
Příspěvky: 4198
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