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Good Effective Pod Kit with using Nic Juice

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Good Effective Pod Kit with using Nic Juice

Příspěvekod urvapin » pát 12. říj 2018 9:09:03

We talked about good and excellent Mod Kit and Mech Mod Kit with great review and nice usage.
Today, why not discuss about brilliant pod kit? Pod Kit, it is popular E-cig all over the world in 2018, which lead a road to each vaper who loves vaping, who wants to try different vape devices, and who desires to quit smoking. Especially for who desires to quit smoking, Pod kit is hot sale. Once we hold a pod kit, we know it is small body, convenient to carry out, vape anywhere, strong feeling with nic which can help to quit smoking. Portable Pod Kit got 2 typs, there are closed pod kit with nic Juice, and another is Refillable Pod Kit in which you can fill the juice you like. Choose your Taste, Vape your Life.

Vladdin Pod System Kit--Refillable Open Pod


Vladdin inherits a pen-like design with excellent workmanship and texture. It is portable for taking anywhere without the burden of weight. It has different pods for your choice, pods with different flavored liquid, refillable pods without liquid.

Shanlaan Laan Lite Kit with 320mAh Battery


Special design on body, keep ‘Dirt’ away. We always care about if your vape device is clean sleeping on your pocket, and the original goal of its great design and figure.
Magnet Charger, easy use: Saving your time is our important goal, easy use on charging with magnet make you full charged.

Vgod Stig Disposable Pod Device- 3Pcs/Pack


Vgod Stig Disposable Pod is a disposable device. It contains 1.2ml e-liquid with four flavors for choice and the battery is fully charged to support your vaping to the last drip. 3 pieces for one pack! Enjoy this new-fashioned Stig and it will give you an instant nicotine rush!

Teslacigs TPOD Pod System Kit


From Teslacigs family, TPOD Pod System Kit is different from other members. It is special kit which use ceramic coils. It is contoured to fit in your hands, not very heavy and it is portal just like pocket thing, you can take it everywhere. It is fast to be charge with 1 hour, you can get full-charged kit and use it for hours. Besides, TPOD kit show us large capacity pod with 2ml, you can refill your favorite E-juice and enjoy your vaping time. As a newbie and girl as considered, I prefer using TPOD kit which is with easy setting, quick charger, large capacity, and beautiful figure shape.

Rincoe Ceto Pod Kit


Rincoe Ceto Pod Kit comes in 5 colors with extremely portable size and thin body. It’s ergonomically designed with nice hand feel. It features a LED battery indicator to tell you the battery status. Ceto is small, but it still features multiple protections including 10s Cut-Off, Low Voltage Protection, Charging Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

More Pod Kits, plz look over our site: https://www.urvapin.com/
Urvapin is a top electronic cigarette online store,You can visit our website to buy or wholesale best e cig. Economical shipping and excellent customer service.
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