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2019 Vaporl Valentine's Day Sale: Auto-save $15 + Extra 20%

https://www.vaporl.com/ - is a premier online vape store offering an industry leading selection of electronic cigarettes vaping gears and accessories. We guarantee our vaping products to be 100% genuine and the lowest possible prices. Our goal is to provide customers with excellent products, rapid delivery, great prices and superb customer service.

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2019 Vaporl Valentine's Day Sale: Auto-save $15 + Extra 20%

Příspěvekod vaporl » čtv 31. led 2019 14:27:03

2019 Vaporl Valentine's Day Sale: Auto-save $15 + Extra 20% off|Code:CZ20
Hey Folks, here comes our latest Valentine's Day vape deals, Auto-save $15 + Extra 20% off(Code CZ20), you can get double discount in Vaporl.com

Promotion Detail:
Section 1: Auto Save
Save $3 OFF For orders over $50
Save $6 OFF For orders over $80
Save $8 OFF For orders over $100
Save $15 OFF For orders over $150

Section 2: Coupon Code
HK Warehouse
Coupon Code: CZ20
(P.S. code does not work on Promotion & Flash Sale)

USA Warehouse:
$3 OFF For orders over $50 with Code CK3
$6 OFF For orders over $80 with code CK6
$8 OFF For orders over $100 with code CK8
$15 OFF For orders over $150 with code CK14

Promotion Date: 2019.02.01 - 2019. 02.15

Note: Due to Lunar New Year 2019, we've ship all item after Feb 8th, 2019

Any Problem, Pls Contact our customer service email support@vaporl.com

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