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Please follow these rules - read as first!!!

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Please follow these rules - read as first!!!

Příspěvekod Rumlik » stř 14. zář 2011 3:02:14

1. Attacking other users of this forum as well as using vulgarisms and racist expressions is prohibited.

2. Should any post carry but a hint of propagation of any movement aimed at human rights and freedom suppression, its author’s account shall be deleted without any further notice and his/her IP blocked. The post shall be removed and, if necessary, documented for the purposes of law enforcement bodies.

3. Spamming and commercial advertising in any form may not be posted here except for space designated for such purpose. These sections are: Tipy a Triky, Kde nakupovat a kde rozhodně ne, Tržnice, Jiné zajímavé weby(pouze e-kouření), and Pro prodejce a obchodníky. It is also prohibited to post links to vendor websites also in the signatures. Vendors may only post links to their own websites (post links to their forums, FB pages, blogs, commercial articles etc. is prohibited). The only exceptions are the authors of this web. Links to vendors’ threads located within this forum is allowed. (No links outside of our forum!!)
Vendors who have supplied prizes for the competitions may be named and links to their websites may be posted, however only within the threads of the respective competitions.

4. It is prohibited to post links to vendors’ discussion for a, even in the vendor section.

5. It is prohibited to share illegal links, especially music, games, movies or software downloads, and post pornography or links to it.

6. It is prohibited to post (own or other persons’) personal data (surname, address, telephone, e-mail). Vendors may post such information – only their own – in their sections and, of course, in their signatures.

7. Should you seek advice, be kind and post it in the heading, i.e. do not say “I need help”, etc., but e.g. “DSE 901 – the atomizer is heats up, but creates no smoke”.

8. Before you start a new topic, take the time and search the forum – a similar topic may have already been started, or problem solved, by somebody else.

9. Stick to the topic of the discussion you are participating in and try to place everything into the appropriate category.

10. If you are citing somebody who posted a large contribution, use only the respective part of the contribution you are reacting to, not the entire post.

11. Do not use the forum for unimportant chatter, you can use private messages.

12. Any attacks/offenses towards forum moderators / admins = warning – expelling from the forum - BAN (the procedure may not necessarily be in this order).

13. If you deem it necessary, direct your complaints against moderators of all degrees to the Administrator.

14. Should you receive an inappropriate private message such as harassment by another member of the forum, advertising, etc. please inform immediately a Moderator or Administrator.

15. Prior to starting a topic, you are obliged to read these rules.

16. Vendors will be given their special rank: Prodejce (vendor). Should they be found acting on the forum using an alternative account, influencing the forum users to buy their merchandise, they shall be immediately banned from the forum, their posts erased and they shall be listed in the section “Podvodníci, vykukové, vydřiduši a jiní” (Frauds, humbugs, bloodsuckers, etc...).

17. If your post is the last, do not post a new one but use the edit button (upravit) and continue in the last one.

18. If you come across a post breaching the rules use the report button (the triangle with an exclamation mark in the top right corner of the posts).

19. It is strictly prohibited to post and store here photographs, videos and films, to which you do not have the copyright or its author’s publishing permission. This measure is necessary because of the copyright law.

The copyright law - detailed.
We would like to ask you strongly to check thoroughly the source (web) of any material (images, videos) abd their copyright before posting it here if yo do not possess the copyright yourself. Be sure that if we do not know the source, we will ask you about it.
The good habit at decent fora is to post the author’s permission (even for photographs).
Also our and your own photographs and videos published here are subject to the copyright law, and you surely would not be happy if anybody posted them anywhere without your permission.
It is enough to contact the author and ask for permission to publish them, and most of them will grant you the permission.
We are not interested in being rebuked for breaching the copyright law, believe us, it is neither a pleasant nor a cheap business.
Moreover, some posts may not even be worth such troubles. So please think twice before posting somebody else’s photograph or video.
Should you not post the permission of the author, (which you would be able to document in case of any doubt) everything will be erased without mercy.
This, of course does not apply to videos posted e.g. on Youtube, etc., where the author granted public access.

Linking to photos is allowed. (You are simply not allowed to copy somebody’s photograph and post it here without the author’s permission.) If the photo is not physically on our web we do not object. Publishing unauthorized images and videos is the personal responsibility of each user and our web and forum reject any responsibility for breaching the copyright law by their users.

20. If you desire to insert an image into your signature, the maximum dimensions are 400px x 100px (WxH). The image must not be a link outside our forum! (This does not apply to vendors). Breach = removal of the signature.

21. Selling on this forum is allowed only in Tržnice (marketplace) after posting at least 10 meaningful contributions to the forum (i.e. no jokes, etc.). Should anybody be selling anywhere else on the forum, their post shall be erased without any notice by Moderators or the Admin. In case of recidivism, they will be given a negative rank and may be banned. Vendors (for the time being) are not allowed to use Tržnice (marketplace), but that is not our final word.

What shall be erased:

Repeatedly discussed topics, flamewar, insults, offenses, vulgarisms, racist posts, warez, pornography (including links), links to other webs with a clear advertising or commercial purpose, spam, photos and videos posted without the author’s consent.
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