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In Stock: Wismec R80 and Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W Pod Mod Ki

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In Stock: Wismec R80 and Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W Pod Mod Ki

Příspěvekod EVERZON » úte 21. led 2020 5:54:13

Hello folks,
Everzon offer you two brand new 80W pod system kit.
It is Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit and Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W.
Let us see more details about it.

Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit
Wismec R80 Mod Kit is a portable and multifunctional device that can be used as both a Pod Mod kit and a regular Mod kit. With the help of an atomizer adapter (Not included), Wismec R80 is compatible with regular tanks. Wismec R80 is powered by a replaceable 18650 cell which brings you Max 80W output. Wismec R80 Pod Kit has the ergonomic design mouthpiece that could perfectly fit your mouth and offer a better user experience. The Wismec R80 Pod cartridge has a large capacity of 4ml, which can store a large amount of e-juice for long-term vaping.
Main Features:
1. Ultra Ergonomic and Compact Design
2. Serve as both a pod mod and a regular mod
3. Single 18650 Pod Mod with 80W Max Output
4. User-friendly Battery Cover Open Way
5. Brand-new USB-C Port for Faster Charging
6. 0.96inch TFT Screen with Changeable Colors
7. 4ml Large Refillable Cartridge with Visible Capacity
8. Smartly designed bottom airflow control

Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W Kit
Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W Kit is made of lightweight Aluminium material. Advken Orcas MX 80W comes with 4.5ml e-juice capacity, which is large enough to provide you with the long-lasting vaping experience. Orcas MX Cube is powered by a standard extra single 18650 battery to enforce the customized power and reliable performance. Orcas MX Cube 80W adopts an adjustable bottom airflow system, which is compatible with both freebase and salt nic e-juice. Advken Orcas MX Cube supports 0.3ohm and 0.8ohm mesh coil to bring you pure and smooth flavor. Designed with the LED screen, Orcas MX Cube shows you clear vaping details. 5 colors for you to choose.
Main Features:
1. Compact size, burdenless to carry with you
2. Powered by an external single 18650 battery
3. A wide power range available, support max 80W power adjustment
4. USB Type-C Charging Port
5. Large LED Color Display Screen
6. 0.1ohm Minimum Firing Resistance
7. 4.5ml large e-juice capacity with side filling design
8. The adjustable Bottom Airflow system
9. Two types of mesh coils for outstanding taste

Would you prefer Advken Orcas MX Cube 80W or Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit?
Share with us in the comment.

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